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30 years


A unique know-how in marine biotechnologies


at the heart of the process

The result of 30 years of experience, GREENSEA's expertise in blue biotechnology is based on mastering the cultivation of microalgae and their transformation into innovative ingredients. Mastering the entire value chain, from cell culture in tubes to the industrial production of extracts titrated in molecules of interest, GREENSEA has a know-how recognized by its customers.


Microalgae are an infinite source of innovation, not only because of their diversity but also thanks to the possibility of driving their production in controlled conditions. An expert in metabolic induction, GREENSEA has established itself in this technology which makes it possible to direct the production of compounds of interest by understanding and controlling the metabolism of microalgae.

Integrated into the Research and Development of the GREENTECH group,

GREENSEA has the means to evaluate the biological activities of algae extracts. The use of predictive tests in transcriptomics, in vitro tests on cells, and in vivo tests makes it possible to prove the effectiveness of our extracts and to identify the mechanisms of action involved.


Over the years, GREENSEA has enriched its own collection of phytoplankton and zooplankton, the keystone of its activity. Isolated in nature in diverse ecosystems (volcano lake, hot water source, ice floe) or obtained from major international algae libraries (Utex, CCAP, etc.), there are now more than 250 strains that make up the GREENSEA algae library.

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GREENSEA is also involved in numerous regional, national and European research programs around blue biotechnologies and their valuation.

SpiralG - Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking
Spirulina Biorefinery
AAP Avenir Littoral
Microalgae, An innovative treatment for tinnitus
European Regional Development Fund
Characterization of bioactive compounds from microAlgal diversity, evaluation of the potential as a biocontrol agent.
Animal health ingredients from microalgae
BioTechAlg - Labcom ANR
Valorization of algal biomasses
Investissement d'Avenir ANR Diversity and Resources
of Oceanic Plankton
BSB Innovation Award
Natural Raw Materials 2020
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