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The use of algae in cosmetics and skincare products is an ancient story which can be found long before our era in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. However, it is only in more recent times, thanks to advances in scientific knowledge on the composition of algae and the characterization of their constituents that the cosmetics industry has made wider use and exploitation of it.


The seas, the oceans but also fresh water and more generally all terrestrial ecosystems offer us treasures with many virtues. They are indeed full of nutrients, essential for life on Earth, perfectly compatible, bioavailable and assimilated by the skin. From these aquatic and terrestrial worlds, it is possible to extract original bioactive substances, such as polysaccharides and oligosaccharides which increase the resistance of tissues and maintain their elasticity, proteins, peptides and amino acids with anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial or anti-UV, or polyunsaturated fatty acids which protect the epidermis from water loss, thus ensuring skin softness and maintaining its elasticity. They also contain trace elements (copper, zinc, iron, potassium) and vitamins, just as essential for the health of the skin.


We can cite for example:

Red algae such as Palmaria Palmata , with fluidifying and toning properties, used to promote skin microcirculation and radiance of the complexion.

Green algae , such as Ulva lactuca , rich in magnesium, used above all for its moisturizing properties.

Blue algae or cyanobacteria which by their powerful antioxidant properties help fight against skin aging and limit the appearance of signs of aging.

Brown algae, such as Laminaria Digitata, Fucus spiralis or Himanthalia elongata, rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides, with remineralizing, moisturizing, protective, regenerating, soothing and emollient properties.




Inspired by nature, GREENSEA and the GREENTECH Group have thus developed cosmetic active ingredients from the world of algae with multiple virtues.

Through rigorous scientific work, in-depth knowledge of the compounds of interest and their mechanism of action on the skin, GREENSEA and the GREENTECH Group are able to offer innovative and effective solutions in the service of cosmetics.

Active ingredients are distributed




made from Halymenia durvillei, a macroalgae endemic to Madagascar, acts specifically on the turnover of cells in the basal layer of the epidermis, thus making it possible to preserve the skin's youthfulness. ExpoZen® is an active ingredient for sensitive and reactive skin induced by the Exposome. ExpoZen® protects the skin against external and internal aggressions, responsible for sensitive skin, involving neurosensory dysfunction of the skin, neurogenic inflammation and the activity of immune cells. ExpoZen® delivers its soothing properties by inhibiting substance P receptors. It also acts on TRPV-1, which provides a feeling of heat and pain (nociception). In vivo, ExpoZen® preserves youthfulness and has an anti-wrinkle effect on crow's feet, thus preventing the premature aging effect induced by the exposome. It has a soothing effect on attacked, reactive and intolerant skin, calming feelings of discomfort and redness. The skin is embellished and no longer tight. ExpoZen® maintains the diversity of the skin microbiota and reduces the species involved in inflammation and redness (C. kropenstedtii).


oligosaccharide shaped by biochemical engineering from the macroalga Ulva lactuca , acts completely on the extracellular matrix, re-densifies the dermis, plumps the matrix network and firms the skin. A triple action on ECM: it improves its establishment by stimulating the synthesis of collagens and hyaluronic acid, it maintains its architecture by promoting the binding of hyaluronic acid, it prevents its degradation by inhibiting the enzymes that degrade collagens . The skin is firmer and elastic, the oval of the face is reshaped, the sagging of the lower cheeks reduced. The whole face is redrawn and looks younger and rested.


subtle mixture of oligosaccharides and trace elements, obtained following an oxidative stress carried out on the microalga Porphyridium cruentum, which stimulates the synthesis of the protein responsible for the contraction of vascular smooth muscle (endotheline-I), at the level of the capillaries, inducing thus a constriction of the microcirculation. By its vasoconstriction action on skin microvessels, this active ingredient is a response to the problem of erythrosis and heavy legs syndrome. By improving vascular tone, it corrects skin dysfunctions such as rosacea or rosacea, as well as heavy legs syndrome. Skin defects such as redness from rosacea or rosacea, dark circles, edemas and micro-inflammations decrease. Insufficient capillaries are corrected and the phenomenon of heavy and tired legs is reduced.


many active extracts from Criste marine, Dulse, Dunaliella, Fucus, Irish Moss, Salicornia, Spirulina….


Obtained by optimized culture of the micro alga Porphyridium cruentum, EPSILINE® prepares the skin to the sun, activates tanning and extends its effects. It focuses on melanogenesis main pathways with and without UV exposure, increasing the melanin synthesis and transport to the skin surface. EPSILINE® provides a good-looking effect and improves the moisturization, thus ensuring a sunkissed complexion throughout the summer and makes it last.Epsiline® : a natural triple protection for a healthier tanning effect.



We are attentive to your needs: our expertise and our mastery of biotechnologies allow us to respond to any specific development request from macroalgae, microalgae and halophyte plants.


Expert in blue biotechnologies, GREENSEA values ​​the immense potential of marine and freshwater plants to create, through biotechnology, totally innovative cosmetic active ingredients. GREENSEA extracts, purifies, characterizes and transforms active molecules from algae and marine plants. Careful valuation work through predictive biological tests makes it possible to prove the effectiveness of the products and to identify the mechanism of action involved.

Produced under controlled conditions, the algae from the GREENSEA strain library are an infinite source of innovation, increased tenfold by the mastery of the metabolic orientation which makes it possible to enrich the extracts with compounds of interest.

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