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As a carbon dioxide trap and oxygen producer, the ocean is the biggest lung on the planet. More than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the dissolution of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the waters of the world and its transformation by photosynthesis into organic biomass and oxygen by phytoplankton. The role of microalgae is therefore essential in this decarbonisation activity and therefore in the fight against global warming due to the greenhouse effect. Microalgae also have the ability to absorb other gases such as nitrogen oxides and other VOCs but also to trap fine particles.


In addition to trapping CO2, the metabolism of microalgae can be used in phytoremediation, that is to say to accumulate, transform, degrade, concentrate, stabilize or volatilize pollutants (organic and inorganic molecules, metals and radioelements) contained in contaminated soil or water. These microorganisms can thus contribute to the treatment and / or the clarification of wastewater, urban, industrial and agricultural effluents. Recovery routes can then be developed following the sequestration or transformation of pollutants.




By combining the skills of GREENCELL in the field of bacteria and fungi and those of GREENSEA in the field of microalgae, the teams of the GREENTECH Group are able to support their customers and offer innovative and sustainable technical solutions combining different microorganisms to respond current environmental issues.

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